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The Textile or Aapparel is one of the primarily business, cloth and clothing distribution, importing and exporting of textiles and textile related products.


A Tailor is a person who switch cloths professionally, especially mens and women in clothing, as a profession we will be in to Tailoring measurement soft ware, Tailoring Patterns, Tailoring materials distribution, import and exports, Tailoring Class.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry has become a part of life in this fashion world, we will importing and exporting the products like Anklets, Body jewelry, Bracelets, Brooch / Brooches, Cubic Zirconia, Earrings, Masks, Necklaces, Pendant set, Rings, Toe Rings , Watches ect.


Software is become a need for every business, we will developing the software, which will be useful for tailoring industry.


Publicity is most needed for a product or to a company, so we are in to Advertising, Advt promotional activity, Advt shoots, Modeling and related.


Nanal Multi Media will be in to film distribution, producing Advt films, producing films and above all Overseas distribution of the Indian films.

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This website will be having free listing to help the others to improve there business.

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We will display the advertisement of related products in our website.